Avoid online employment scams. Know what to expect from a real Vaco recruiter. Fraud Alert

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Look out for employment scams from individuals posing as Vaco associates

You need a partner you can trust throughout your career journey.

When you partner with Vaco during your job search, you can expect a lot of things: expertise, open communication, and a true commitment to helping you succeed. Our recruiters will be your go-to resource for professional guidance throughout your career journey, and we’re invested in helping each of our candidates find the right job at the right time, every time. 

In addition to helping you find your dream role during your job search, we’re also committed to guarding your privacy and maintaining your trust. After all, trust is the foundation of any long-lasting partnership, and Vaco’s with you all the way. 

Part of our commitment to our candidates is upholding strict standards and policies when it comes to the information we ask for, the requests we make, and the methods we use to communicate. 

Protect yourself from employment scammers pretending to be Vaco recruiters

If you’re a job seeker, you know how much of the job search (including the interview and hiring process) takes place virtually. From online job applications to virtual interviews and remote onboarding, most candidates engage with potential and new employers via digital channels at one point or another. 

While virtual communication makes it much easier for candidates to find great job opportunities, it also opens the door for employment scams—scams that are designed to take advantage of well-meaning job seekers, steal their personal information, and even take their money.  

Don’t fall for online imposters—know what to expect from a genuine Vaco recruiter

Genuine Vaco recruiters do not conduct initial outreach through WhatsApp or Telegram.

A genuine Vaco recruiter will never ask candidates to do any of the following:

  • Provide personal banking information, e.g., account/routing numbers, debit/credit card numbers, or PIN numbers
  • Pay a fee to apply to, interview for, or accept a job through Vaco
  • Invest in a product or service
  • Purchase equipment
  • Cash checks on Vaco’s behalf
  • Make a wire transfer
  • Share personal information like driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, or Social Security numbers over the phone, via text or through email. 
  • Extend a job offer via email or social media
  • Extend a job offer without prior communication, introductions, or interviews
  • Pressure candidates to respond by saying a job opportunity is only available for a limited time, e.g., “This opportunity is only available for 24 hours so reply now!”

Contacted by someone claiming to represent Vaco or one of our brands? Check the user’s email address. 

Vaco associates only communicate with candidates via email using official Vaco email addresses. 

If you receive an email from someone who claims to be a recruiter with Vaco or a Vaco company, confirm that the sender’s email address ends in @vaco.com, @morganfranklin.com, @focussearchpartners.com, or @pivotpointconsulting.com. If the sender doesn’t use an official Vaco email address, it is most likely a scammer—do not provide these individuals with your personal information. 

Think you’ve been targeted by an imposter posing as a Vaco recruiter? Report them.

If you suspect you’ve been targeted by an online scammer posing as a Vaco associate, report the scammer to privacy@vaco.com. We take our candidates’ privacy very seriously, and we’re committed to protecting them from online scammers who use our name and our recruiters’ names to manipulate our candidates’ trust in us.

Remember, an authentic Vaco recruiter will never ask you to provide your personal information or banking information, request that you transfer money or cash checks, or ask you to pay a fee to use our services. Protect yourself during your job search by never responding to “recruiters” who make these requests.

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