Senior Vice President & Executive Partner

Chris Persiani

Chris Persiani - Vaco
Senior Vice President & Executive Partner

Chris Persiani

As Senior Vice President and Executive Partner at Vaco, Chris Persiani plays a pivotal role in empowering businesses to thrive by providing practical solutions to their challenges.

Chris is a seasoned business leader with a diverse background in accounting, finance, compliance, risk and IT. He has over 20 years of experience, including notable tenure at Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen.

With a keen ability to establish strong relationships and provide strategic direction, Chris excels at addressing clients' immediate needs while also guiding them toward long-term success. His leadership extends to strategic staffing, ensuring that the right people are in place to execute solutions effectively.

Prior to joining Vaco, Chris co-founded Xperianz (pronounced experience), a professional services firm, which was later acquired by a global consulting company. After the acquisition, Chris successfully revitalized an underperforming brand, exceeding expectations in the process. This accomplishment caught the attention of Vaco’s founders, who sought Chris's expertise to strategize and launch their Cincinnati office. Under Chris's leadership, Vaco Cincinnati rapidly became one of the company's fastest-growing offices, achieving Top 10 status in less than two years.

Chris is known for his exceptional networking skills and his dedication to helping individuals advance in their careers, connecting talent with opportunities regardless of their career stage. He dedicates time to assist executives and professionals, sharing insights on personal branding and career pathing. Chris remains committed to helping people navigate career transitions, and he is passionate about mentoring and advising at all levels. He considers it a privilege and an opportunity to share his insights, and he enjoys making a positive impact on people and their careers.

Chris's unique ability to bridge the gap between strategic planning and operational execution has been instrumental in his career success. He thrives on building and growing businesses, a trait that has consistently propelled him throughout his tenure in the consulting and strategic staffing industries.

While he may stay away from the limelight, Chris's impact as a builder and mentor remains deeply ingrained in his professional journey. He continues to play a pivotal role in shaping Vaco's future, working closely with regional offices to drive growth, foster leadership and create opportunities for emerging talent within the organization.

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