5 ways to streamline your interview process

Vaco - Streamlining your interview process

U.S. companies and job seekers are facing an unprecedented job market, one where there are nearly twice as many open jobs as there are unemployed workers. In fact, overall unemployment levels have returned to pre-pandemic lows, and many states boast an even smaller number of active job seekers in their labor markets. 

A lack of candidates—both perceived and actual—is clearly a factor in companies’ current hiring struggles. But it’s not the only contributing factor. Another big hurdle is the ineffectiveness of many organizations’ hiring processes, specifically their recruiting and interviewing strategies. 

In the current job market, a large percentage of job seekers report receiving three different offers during their search. With so many options at candidates’ fingertips, it’s not surprising that companies who hire quickly and efficiently are more likely to land top candidates. On the flip side, companies that approach hiring with less urgency—namely, those who cling to long, complex interview rounds and painstaking vetting processes—are finding themselves in the loser’s circle of the hiring arena. 

If your organization is struggling to keep candidates interested, your interview strategy may need to be streamlined. 

How can you simplify your interview process for the current candidate market?

  1. Hire based on whether or not the candidate has the ability to do the job—not whether or not they’ve held the exact same role before. Have an understanding of any skills that are transferable to the job you’re hiring for. Many candidates have intangible skills that can translate well to a variety of roles, especially if they’re pivoting to your industry from a different one. 
  2. Establish a clear interview process, preferably with no more than three or four steps. Be mindful of how much time and energy you’re asking candidates to invest in your interview rounds, especially if you require lengthy technical reviews and skills testing. 
  3. Work with your recruiters to simplify and clarify your job descriptions before posting them. Get feedback from your department heads on the elements of the job that are non-negotiable so your job descriptions attract the candidates that are most qualified for the role. No candidate wants to waste his or her time applying to a job, only to find out they aren’t a good fit because the job description was confusing. 
  4. Ask the tough questions during early interviews. If passion for the role is important to you, include interview questions that help you gauge each candidate’s level of interest. If a candidate doesn’t answer a question sufficiently during the conversation, ask again or go back to it—take the opportunity to learn as much about the candidate as you can while you have them in the room. If you don’t ask the tough questions during initial interviews, you’ll be left with unknowns or nagging questions, and you may feel the need to schedule additional interviews to get answers. 
  5. Provide your recruiters with feedback and directives on each candidate within 24 hours of an interview. If you were impressed with a candidate and want to move forward, it is crucial to let your recruiter know quickly so they can schedule next steps while the candidate is still engaged. If a candidate isn’t a good fit, letting your recruiter know soon after the interview allows them to return to their search without wasting any time. 

By streamlining your interview process, you can eliminate some of the time-consuming aspects of hiring that aren’t necessary to find the best candidates for a role. At the same time, you can provide a better candidate experience and shorten the time it takes you to fill crucial roles in your organization. 

The hiring experts at Vaco help companies of all sizes improve their recruiting and hiring processes and land the very best candidates. Learn more about our business consulting and talent solutions or reach out to speak with a team member about transforming your recruiting strategy. 

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