Global Leader in Technology Required a Quick Transition to a New Salesforce Managed Services Partner

  • Client

    Global Leader in Technology

  • Services

    Managed Services

  • Areas of Expertise

    Technology, Salesforce Cloud

  • Industry

    Consumer Electronics

Our Challenge

Increasing Ticket Backlogs, Unable to Meet SLAs, and Requiring Improved Sales Tracking

A global leader in technology manufacturing needed to improve sales tracking and implement new Salesforce functionality and features to support customers’ needs. Optimal design, development and testing were paramount; however, the existing managed services provider was unable to meet critical SLAs, leading to productivity issues and multiple ticket backlogs. Seamless and rapid transition to a new managed services partner was necessary.

Our Solution

Developers Made a Positive Impact Within Two Days Including 100+ Enhancements

Vaco collaborated with our client to identify critical Salesforce success factors and quickly deployed our managed services–Vaco Binary Semantics. Within two days, our Salesforce developers made a positive impact by completing 100+ enhancements (FETs in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud). Additional Binary Semantics team members successfully addressed our client’s backlog of open tickets by resolving all 1,450+ of them in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. Within two weeks, we transitioned to serving as our client’s trusted and reliable service provider for Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud) design, development, testing and support activities.

Vaco’s team met the client’s requirements by: 

  • Reducing the current backlog of tickets by 1,450+ (in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud)
  • Completed 100+ total enhancements (FETs in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud)
  • Streamlining the current process for feature development and deployments
  • Ensuring the reusability of the code
  • Creating simple and understandable technical documents for new requirements

Download the full case study here

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