Virtual CPE: Planning Your Transition Service Agreement Exit: How to Unlock Greater Value

  • Webinar Date: August 25, 2021 @11:00am

Every carve-out sets out to exceed the expectations set forth in the transaction thesis: to unlock greater value as an independent entity than before as part of a broader business. Companies often underestimate what’s necessary for a carved-out entity to successfully disentangle from the broader business infrastructure. Businesses need an effective Transition Services Agreement (TSA) exit strategy.

Delays and gaps in the TSA exit strategy impact confidence, erode shareholder value, and create unnecessary impediments to successful realization of the transaction thesis. Alignment on the support duration and critical investment priorities is critical.

Watch MorganFranklin Consulting’s on-demand webinar to learn how to protect value during a carve-out, stand up an independent operating model, and exit the TSA agreement in a timely and effective fashion including:

  • Establishing guiding principles
  • Getting on track to a new IT Infrastructure
  • Creating the target state for each function in the organization
  • Defining a roadmap and creating workplans to execute
  • Establishing the Transition Service Management Office (TSMO)

 Learning Objectives:  This webinar will help participants

  • Learn how guiding principles can act as the guard rails during the TSA Exit planning by supporting timely decision making and leading to efficiencies in the future state
  • Understand the major activities needed to develop an executable plan
  • Understand how to work towards defining the replacement IT infrastructure for a carve-out
  • Gain a perspective on some of the pitfalls of TSA Exit planning
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