Virtual CPE: Winning the Bid for Top Talent in a Competitive Market

  • Webinar Date: June 10, 2021 @02:00pm

Growing your team? Finding the best of the best is nearly impossible in today’s high demand job market. In addition to challenges – and permanent changes in jobseekers’ expectations – brought on by the pandemic, the ever-changing economic climate continues to make hiring top talent difficult for many companies. Yet hope exists!

Companies willing to embrace new approaches and establish effective hiring processes can more readily win the bid for high value talent. By focusing in the right areas, your company can find, hire, and retain the most qualified candidates in this fast-paced market. Vaco’s accounting and finance recruiting leaders share how to modernize the hiring process and build more highly skilled, high-performing teams.

Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding market insights related to industry concerns, fulfillment expectations, skills gaps, and more.
  2. Examining the impact of hiring and working virtually.
  3. Outlining what flexibility means in a post-Covid market.
  4. Discovering how to elevate the job seeker experience.
  5. Building your company’s brand and showcasing what makes your company special.

Attendees of the live webinar were eligible to receive one (1) CPE credit in the field of Personnel/Human Resources.

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