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Global Executive Search Solutions

Vaco helps businesses simplify and streamline their search for transformational executives and senior leaders. 

Our industry veterans serve as dedicated partners in your executive search process. We combine powerful market research with a profound understanding of the complexity and competition of the executive talent market to help you identify and engage in-demand executive and senior-level talent across technology, finance, HR and operations. 

Elevate your purpose and performance with transformational executives and senior-level talent

Much of your company’s future hinges on the people you choose to lead it. And while we can’t lessen the weight or impact of those decisions, we can help you feel confident that you’re making the right ones.   

Vaco partners with companies across industries to help them create powerful executive search strategies that balance urgency and efficiency with discretion and attention-to-detail. Our cross-sector connections and deep global network allow us to deliver candidates across multiple disciplines, experience levels and areas of expertise – with your organization’s ideal candidate profile molding each step of the selection process.  

Whether you need transitional leadership in accounting and finance or a permanent, visionary executive to helm a core business division, Vaco brings you the strategy, cross-sector experience and diverse talent network to answer the call.  

Areas of Expertise

We specialize in supporting businesses by addressing crucial talent gaps and strategic needs within three distinct areas of expertise.

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Technology & Digital

Hiring skilled technical team members requires constant cultivation, networking and relationship building. Lucky for you, it’s what we do. Whether you need to increase your IT bandwidth for a finite amount of time, build a team of developers for a critical business project, optimize your web presence or hire your next IT leader, we can help.

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Accounting & Finance​

We got our start in accounting and finance staffing, and admittedly it’s a sweet spot for us. We have a strong and ever-expanding network of accounting and finance talent – from accountants to chief financial officers – and many of our own team members are recovering CPAs. Let us show you what we can do and who we can find for your organization.

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HR & Operations

When you need more people behind the scenes to keep business humming – administrative assistants, operations specialists, HR generalists and project managers we can help. These are your ‘can do task masters; businesses can’t run without them. The right team members in these critical positions make all the difference. Let’s find your next difference maker.

our work

Vaco transformed a construction company’s accounting and finance function a through critical cleanup initiative

our work

Vaco filled 40 full-time roles within three weeks for a leading global manufacturer and supplier

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