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An experienced recruiter can be a gamechanger for job seekers who want a more efficient, less stressful job search. So why are so many candidates hesitant to work with a recruiter when it’s time to find a new position? A big reason for the skepticism is the sheer number of myths and misconceptions that surround how recruiting actually works. 

Let’s explore (and debunk) some of the common misconceptions that persist about recruiters and break down some of the ways a great recruiter can transform your job search for the better.  

Myth #1: Job seekers have to pay recruiters for their services

Truth: Working with a recruiter is free for the candidate.

Recruiters are compensated by the companies they work for, not the candidates they place. Your recruiter does earn a commission when you get hired (typically a percentage of your first year’s salary) but that percentage is paid by the company that hires you. It isn’t taken out of your salary, and it doesn’t lower your initial offer. 

Rachel Corum, director of Recruiting for Accounting and Finance Consulting at Vaco, noted that many candidates mistakenly believe working with a recruiter lowers their chances of getting a job:

“Another misconception is that if you are presented by a recruiter, and another candidate is not, that you would be at a disadvantage because you have a fee associated with you getting that role. It has been my experience that companies are seeking the best person for the job, and they are not concerned about a fee being paid at that point.”

In fact, Corum noted, candidates that work with recruiters actually tend to make more than those who job hunt alone. 

“From the very beginning, they’re more prepared and know more about the company and the job opportunity, so it’s a win-win situation for both the clients and the candidates.”

Watch Rachel’s full video on this recruiting myth:

Myth #2: Recruiters only care about filling positions

Truth: Recruiters want to build relationships with candidates so they can find the best opportunities for them.

Many people assume that recruiters are only interested in getting a position filled, regardless of whether or not the role is a good fit for the candidate or the hiring company. And some recruiters may approach the job that way. 

In general, however, reputation and referrals are everything in the recruiting and staffing world. 

Recruiters who connect a hiring company with ill-fitting candidates are less likely to get referrals or future projects with that company. Similarly, great candidates are less likely to continue working with recruiters who didn’t take the time to get to know them and understand their career goals.

At Vaco, our recruiters are passionate about building long-term relationships with candidates so we can partner with them for the duration of their professional lives.

Vaco recruiter Chris “Spinman” Spintzyk explained how relationships, not transactions, should be every great recruiter’s goal:

“Any good recruiter is not interested in a transaction. They’re interested in a relationship. We want to know who you are, what drives you, where you want to be, where you want your career to go, what jazzes you up when you wake up in the morning. That’s all the things that we need to know, so that we can help you find the right opportunity,” Spintzyk said. 

“If you’re having any kind of sense that when you’re talking to a recruiter that they’re just interested in the bare basics, and they’re trying to speed through the conversation…those aren’t the folks that you want to be talking to. If you don’t feel the love, don’t work with them. Find somebody that you feel the love from.” 

Watch Spinman’s full video on this recruiting myth:

Myth #3: Recruiters only fill temporary or contract positions

Truth: Vaco partners with companies on a permanent, contract, and contract-to-hire basis.

Recruitment firms specialize in more than just contract or temporary positions. They work with companies to fill every type of role: direct hire, contract, and contract-to-hire. 

Here at Vaco, for instance, we specialize in direct hire (permanent placement), contract-to-hire and contract positions across a range of industries. And our recruiters understand the unique specifications and soft skills required for each of these roles. We gain this insider knowledge by getting to know the hiring managers and teams at the companies we work with. And we share that knowledge and guidance with our candidates.

If your goal is a long-term position, a recruiter may actually be your best avenue towards finding and landing your dream job. 

If you are looking to gain a wide range of experience or get your foot in the door, contract and contract-to-hire roles might be for you. 

Watch Vaco recruiter Jordan Wood’s video dispelling this common recruiter myth:

Myth #4: Recruiters are just a one-stop vehicle for finding a new job.

Truth: Great recruiters are labor market experts who can help you throughout your career.

It may seem like a recruiter’s only job is to call candidates and fill open positions. As a result, candidates often assume they only need a recruiter when they need a new job.

We have some great news: recruiters can accompany you throughout your career journey—even when you’re not actively looking for a new opportunity. 

An experienced recruiter does more than fill an open position. They’re also a labor market expert who can educate you on job market trends and changes and provide guidance on resume building, salary trends, and interview skills.  

Taylor Desseyn, managing director of Recruiting at Vaco, points out some of the ways that recruiters can serve as a resource for candidates, even when they aren’t active candidates:

“The biggest asset that recruiters have is that we know the local market, and we can be your agent within not only finding a job, but also being educated within the local market,” Desseyn says.

“We can also essentially be a guidance counselor, in helping you write your resume, format your resume, talking to you about what to say or not to say during an interview request. We can really be your advocate moving forward.” 

Check out Taylor’s full video on this recruiting myth:

A great recruiter’s goal is to build relationships—with the companies they work for and the candidates they work with. 

At Vaco, we value these relationships because we believe they lead to amazing experiences and long-term success for everyone. Our recruiters understand that a candidate’s career journey isn’t over when they get hired, so we’re passionate about continuing to help, guide, and be a resource for them—for the long-haul.  

Explore even more myths about recruiting—and get the real story—by watching our vlog series

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