The Career Drivers Self-Assessment

Career Drivers Self Assessment - Vaco

Discover the career factors driving you.

What’s driving you?

The world of work is a vast, wild, and wonderful place. Open to new opportunities? Taking a fresh look at your existing job situation? Actively looking for a big change? Negotiating a raise? You’re in luck. If you want to make a shift, you need to know what’s driving you; and now is a great time to be exploring what’s out there. 

In this guide, we’ll give you the tools you need to start thinking about your next step — and stay true to what’s important to you.

Download the guide to get started:

  1. Review: Understand trends in the world of work today.
  2. Reflect: Define what’s really important to you.
  3. Go for it: Own your professional journey.


As a job seeker, you have a lot to consider when you’re exploring new career opportunities. The days of looking at the compensation package and signing on the dotted line are over. If you’re in the job market, the odds are pretty good that you’re looking for more than compensation — although that’s certainly a big consideration! Today’s candidates are looking at the whole package: flexibility, work-life balance, opportunities for growth, an organization’s focus on diversity and inclusion, overall job satisfaction, and more. 

During the past couple of years, employers discovered that their formerly office-bound teams could be just as productive — and often even more productive — working from home. Unsurprisingly, many employees discovered that they appreciate the flexibility and freedom that remote work affords them. Others found that what they do on a daily basis, and the impact they make at work, matters more and more. Sound familiar?

If you’re thinking about making a big career move, then where you work, how you work, and the contributions you’re making while you work may be just as important as your compensation package. Whether you’re motivated by a remote or hybrid work opportunity or your inner entrepreneur is calling, understanding your career drivers can help you make decisions that are right for you…for today and for tomorrow.

Embracing change

The world of work has changed for good. And job-seekers are embracing it. There’s even a name for it: employee experience (EX). The need to reimagine work is at the very core of EX. Thanks to job seekers who are willing to articulate and advocate for their priorities, companies are realizing that office yoga, team happy hours, great snacks, and killer rec rooms are no longer the primary drivers of employee satisfaction and a positive company culture that they once were. 

For many career changers, EX is what’s tipping the scales from “it’ll do” to “I can’t wait to get started!” Professionals in all industries, at all levels of the organization, are looking for companies that offer a great EX. And companies that want to succeed in this hot job market are paying attention. 

“People want to feel inspired, find meaning, and see the impact their work has on others. And when they do, they’re more engaged, innovative, and productive” (Harvard Business Review). This sentiment is exactly what’s driving the market and driving your professional trajectory — finding a career that offers a sense of purpose. 

Working with purpose

When people come to work with purpose, they’re doing so because they feel as though their work has value, their voices are being heard, and that they’re making an impact that matters. Given the new-found freedom of remote work and an increasing focus on social change, jobseekers are looking for career opportunities that offer more than a paycheck; they want to feel like they are contributing to something bigger and more meaningful — that there’s true purpose in their work.

This leads to another trend we’re willing to bet takes on a life of its own: Jobseekers will no longer be bound to linear career paths and professional detours will become commonplace.

Non-linear career trajectories enable job seekers to move between roles, functional areas, industries, companies, and even careers. This freedom empowers people to do more of what they love and more of what they’re good at. 

The notion of what a “good” career path looks like is changing. Just as one-size-fits-all never truly fits anyone, today’s professionals are making it clear that the linear corporate ladder may not be the most comfortable fit or the most effective way to the top. Sometimes, the corners are more fun than the straightaways.

As such, this guide is about finding the experience you crave, exploring the path that fits, and discovering the career drivers that matter most to you.

Download our Career Drivers Self Assessment to start defining what matters to you in the world of work—and get ready to go for it.


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