About us

Are you ready for a different kind of company?
We sure were.

Vaco (va – cō), verb: to free oneself from a master. (Latin)

To the people we serve, Vaco is more than just a name.

It’s a revolutionary thought process, a game-changing business model, and a loud-and-clear rallying cry for entrepreneurial spirits who want more.

Yes, Vaco provides expert consulting, permanent placement, executive search and strategic staffing for companies across the country and around the world, in all kinds of different industries. We place qualified candidates in hard-to-fill positions and solve tough problems for businesses. But most importantly, we help people find freedom.

Freedom from a soul-sucking job. Freedom to land in a place that fits today, and one that fits in the future. Freedom from chasing the talent needle through the resume haystack, on repeat. Freedom to find clarity in chaos, to lean into transition and achieve growth. Freedom to thrive, on both sides of the equation.

Vaco: Liberating talented malcontents since 2002.

The Vaco story begins with three rebellious veterans of bureaucratic “Big 4” accounting and staffing mega-conglomerates. Together, they set out to build a new kind of recruiting company: a place where the best and brightest would be free to reach their full potential, and where the most brilliant and passionate outlaws would happily choose to spend their entire careers.

Vaco shook up the industry by fixing what wasn’t working, starting with:

Operating Locally, Acting Globally.
No mega-companies here. Vaco is actually a family of more than 35 like-minded, independent offices across the globe. Each office is led by an entrepreneurial Vaconian with deep local connections, the backing of a $460 million organization, and the freedom to make independent decisions that put the client and the candidate first.

Making Culture King.
Skillset is just the beginning of a perfect match. Vaco invests in knowing our consultants and clients so well that we can accurately predict culture and personality harmony, too. For consultants, that means a good fit guarantee; for clients, that means a hand-picked and fully vetted crop of rare superstars, uncommon champions, and extraordinary talent who are ready to start yesterday.

Bringing in the Experts.
Vaco’s recruiting teams are made up of senior-level industry veterans who understand what a successful placement looks and feels like, on both sides of the desk. And they’re here for the long haul, committed to building long-term relationships.

Having More Fun Getting More Done.
Working with Vaco means working with seasoned professionals at the top of their game who get the job done and love what they do. Vacotians have the sky’s-the-limit freedom to deliver unconventional service every day; sometimes, that can feel less like work and more like fun. We like it that way.

Vaco's Core Tenets

Outlaws Welcome
Fix the Problem, Not the Blame
Assume Positive Intent
Stay Coachable
Be Comfortable With Healthy Conflict
Be Electable
Be Proud to Wear The Jersey
Play 'til the Whistle
Work Hard, Stay Free
Stay Team Focused
Be Entrepreneurial