5 tips for surviving and thriving while working from home

Working from home is the new normal for many of us, but it’s not always easy and brings its own set of challenges and stressors. We’re working through it too, so here are our best tips we’ve learned for being productive and keeping your sanity while working from home:

Follow your routine

Get ready just like you always do – get dressed and prepared for work. Because, believe it or not, repetitive behaviors can induce calm and lower stress. Establishing a work-from-home routine will help you feel more productive and be ready for any video calls you may have.

Create a good workspace

The dining room table may not be the most comfortable space to work full time, so ideally you can find a spot somewhere in your home where you can set up a desk for a good temporary workspace. (And if you’re looking for help, here are four tips for creating a more productive WFH environment that we recently shared.

Coordinate with your new co-workers (AKA your family or roommates)

Suddenly, we’re all at home together – spouses are both working, kids are doing schoolwork – and we all need to figure out how to coexist and be productive in the same space. Use earbuds for calls, respect each other’s workspace, find ways to coordinate schedules and workloads if your Wi-Fi is struggling under the new demands, and try to be patient with each other.

Set a schedule

Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the computer 24/7, but also resist the urge to get pulled into household chores. Start and stop work at your regular time and block time for lunch. In fact, I recently shared ways to maintain and keep a healthy schedule while working from home.

Tips for video call success

The following tips are important since video calls are the way your customers, leaders and colleagues will be engaging with you over the next few weeks and you want them to have a positive experience so you can keep your career on a good path.

  • Have good lighting to present yourself in the best way.
  • Get dressed and look professional.
  • Be engaged in the conversation, nodding, and making eye contact.
  • Use your computer, not your phone, but if you must use your phone, prop it up somewhere rather than holding it shakily, potentially giving your colleagues vertigo.
  • Do not multitask. People can tell when you’re distracted or responding to an email. If you’re taking notes while on the call, let them know, so they know you’re fully engaged in the conversation.

Eventually, we will get back to work in our offices, but in the meantime, keep your career on track and stay well!


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