How to stand out as a candidate

Kensi Olson, Marketing Intern at Vaco Tampa, interviews Paul Sammons, Senior Associate of Transactional Accounting and Client Engagement on his keys to success.

Applying for a job not only means you just submitted your resume to the employer but you also subconsciously entered yourself into competition with experts in the same industry. If you feel you’re beyond qualified for the job but not sure how to leverage yourself, Paul Sammons of Vaco Tampa gives insight accumulated from four years of experience serving the recruiting industry.

How do you stand out as a candidate amongst a crowd of competitors?

Have a clean resume.

Many people overlook the basics of a resume and attempt to list all accomplishments without considering the perspective of the employer. Give focus to the details on your resume – alignment, spacing, and maintaining a consistent font and sizing. Most importantly, have a trusted friend or colleague proofread your resume to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Quantify your accomplishments.

Focus on detail and description as much as possible on your resume. Prepare in advance to elaborate on every detail you’ve listed. Did you help the company save a certain amount of money through your hard work? Did you contribute a certain number of hours to a project? Were you recognized or awarded for anything in particular? Highlighting the details will give the hiring manager a good idea of what you’re capable of and have experience doing.

Master the little things.

How do you continue to set yourself apart from competitors after you’ve landed the job? A good way to stand out overall is to focus on mastering the little things. Have an organized calendar, arrive early to and prepared for your meetings, show up to work on time consistently, over-communicate with your team – practice these small things not only for yourself but to show your coworkers that you’re serious about the job. Communicate with the people around you and ask for clarification before going to your supervisor. Research and learn on your own before jumping to a conclusion.

Last but not least – focus on building relationships with people. Whether this is with individual contributors, your supervisor or team lead. Build professional and personal relationships – asking people how they’re doing is such a powerful thing that people are forgetting to do, and it won’t go unnoticed.

Experiencing a career plateau? Find a way to leverage yourself amongst your competitors. Really focus on what sets you apart from people working in the same industry. Is it personal skills? Years of experience? Ability to learn and adapt? Take advantage of searching for a new job to tailor and highlight your accomplishments. You never know, that last-minute edit you made to your resume could take you a step further in your career.


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