Maximizing Your Job Search After College

Nakita Broussard, Associate Director of Accounting & Finance serving Vaco Orlando, provides benefits to utilizing Vaco’s many resources after college.

Did you just graduate college? Are you ready for the job search? Graduates are embarking on a booming job market with the nation’s unemployment rate at its lowest since 1969 at 3.6%. If you’re one of many grads who have not already accepted an offer, you’re probably wondering what to do next. Vaco can help you map out your career path, effectively communicate your skills to prospective employers, and help you find your “dream job” today and through the duration of your career.

Below are a few key development areas Vaco can assist you with:


Your resume is an essential tool in your job search. If you don’t have much relevant work experience you can still write a winning resume by highlighting your past professional work history like jobs or internships, volunteer work, and leadership roles. Emphasize your education by listing your university, graduation date, major and minor, and your competitive GPA (3.0 or higher) at the top of your resume.


Seek out networking opportunities through friends, family, college alumni groups, professional and student organizations, and your local chambers of commerce. Leveraging your existing contacts and relationships should be a key part of your career search.

Have your elevator pitch ready! Prepare a 30-second speech about your career goals and professional strengths. Formulate an online networking strategy and be consistent with your daily and weekly activity on social media. LinkedIn boasts over 600 million users and can be a powerful platform to connect and network based on your fields of interest and target companies. Make sure your LinkedIn profile includes a complete-professional headshot, a headline that captures the reader and ask your colleagues, mentors, and professors for recommendations.  


Vaco provides expert consulting, permanent placement, executive search, and strategic staffing for companies around the globe, in a vast variety of industries. We place qualified candidates in hard-to-fill positions and solve tough problems for businesses. But most importantly, we help people find freedom.

Temporary work can be a great way for graduates to harness their skills and gain hands-on experience. contract-to-hire opportunities are becoming increasingly popular as they give both employers and employees an opportunity to truly evaluate “fit” before committing. Many job seekers overlook contract-to-hire opportunities because they are searching for that permanent, full-time position with health and retirement benefits. Vaco offers health, dental, vision, and 401K benefit options to our consultants. Our team can help you evaluate the pros and cons of contract and temporary work to eliminate employment gaps and help you gain the experience you desire. Additionally, our experienced direct hire and permanent placement teams can offer you career guidance and market intelligence throughout your career journey.

For more information, watch our video on Maximizing Your Job Search After College here.


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