7 Steps to Craft a Captivating LinkedIn Profile

The number one social media platform for job seekers is LinkedIn. Your professional profile is a holistic overview of you as a candidate, so you want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to make it stand out, whether you are actively or passively looking for new job opportunities. Here are seven tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and help recruiters and future employers find you:

Complete your profile.

Make sure you fill in every area of your LinkedIn Profile (skills, interests, list of software that you have used, detailed descriptions under each work experience, etc.) You want to include as much information as possible so those viewing your profile have the most accurate depiction of you as a candidate.

Choose a professional photo.

Don’t underestimate the importance of first impressions. When choosing your LinkedIn photo, make sure you are dressed professionally and have a simple or plain background. You want future employers to see how you would look in the workplace.

Turn “Open to Opportunities” on.

When you are actively looking for a new job, turn on the “Open to Opportunities” feature to let recruiters know you are open to hearing about positions. Also, list which job titles and locations you are interested in so recruiters can find you.

Add your education and degree.

It’s important to keep your education information up to date. Add your degree, major and minor, and dates that you were in school. Recruiters often search by degrees, so make sure yours is accurate to ensure that your LinkedIn profile will be viewed.

Keep your experience section updated.

Be sure to list the jobs you have had in the past, and keep the job titles, company names, and dates of employment. This is an easy way for recruiters to identify you as a candidate for their open positions.

Write a summary.

Other candidates may have the same educational background and work experience, but each person is unique and could bring a different element to a position. By writing a LinkedIn summary, you can provide an all-encompassing picture of who you are. In a few brief sentences or a paragraph, write a summary describing your passions, skills, qualifications, and experience.

Show your accomplishments and volunteer experiences.

Listing your achievements in the “Accomplishments” section of your LinkedIn profile can be a big differentiator for you from other candidates. Detailing any awards you’ve received, promotions, or college awards/honors can show that you’re a high performer. Also, corporate and social responsibility has increased drastically in recent years so highlighting any volunteer experiences or organizational involvement could be viewed as another bonus.

Recruiters spend lots of time on LinkedIn looking for potential candidates to work at their clients’ job openings. By checking off all seven of these steps, you can make sure you’re effectively promoting yourself while searching for new job opportunities. I can almost guarantee that your LinkedIn profile will be reviewed at some point in your job search, so make sure it is captivating!

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