The Six Seconds Reviewing Your Resume

There is a study, Keeping An Eye On Recruiter Behavior, by TheLadders that concluded the average recruiter initially spends six seconds on reviewing your resume.

That doesn’t seem very long, does it? That’s how long it takes me to tie my shoes. You spend hours writing, editing and formatting your resume for it to be quickly tossed into a pile after only six seconds of review. Don’t let this discourage you.

I know where those six seconds are spent, and I am not very good at keeping secrets, so I am going to tell you.

Formatting and Editing: Does your resume look uniform? Is it the same font? Are the bullet points the same style? Do your margins match? If it’s a .docx file and opened in Microsoft Word does it have those funky red and blue squiggles? Does it look like you spent those extra few minutes to make it clean and create the impression that you have good attention to detail?

Personal Information: Make sure your name is clearly visible along with your contact information. There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to find out whose resume is being read.

Achievements and Skills: Does your resume account for achievements and skills gained in your previous positions or does it read like you posted the job description below your title? Recruiters are looking for accomplishments, quantifiable results and improvements that you brought to the role and company.

Education: Do you have your education or certifications clearly stated? Did you take applicable coursework or training that the employer might find valuable? Don’t forget to clearly state it!

There are several things to remember when it comes to resumes, but by spending a little extra time on the above, you’ll be better positioned as a candidate.


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