Vaco Raleigh Offers Business Agility

It begins with people

Everything we do at Vaco begins with people. We invest in people, and we knew we had some of the top talent in the Agile space right here in the Triangle. So as a way to better reach and serve our clients, candidates and consultants, Vaco is now offering business agility services in the greater Raleigh market. Bob Galen is a recognized leader; Mary Thorn brings her own level of expertise and experience. Jim Grundner has led large-scale transformations and is one of only a handful of people who has led 300+ Scrum teams. Kim, although she may not have the same high profile as the others, brings a unique creative energy to problem solving and team building.

We knew all the best people in Agile; they were each creating change for different organizations in different parts of the world.

We exist to serve our clients

In repeated conversations with our clients we heard about Agile and some successful and not so successful attempts at adopting its processes. There was a groundswell of need for experience and expertise. Money was being spent to adopt Agile, and in many cases, it seemed the process was arduous and wasn’t reaping the benefits our clients sought.

Good work, not just good billings

The consistent message we heard from Bob, Mary and Jim was the desire to create sustainability. They wanted to provide the necessary coaching so Agile would be ingrained in the DNA of the organization and not something that relied on the constant presence of consultants to implement.

Done correctly, Agile coaching provides the framework to improve processes, increase productivity and create a happier environment in which to get work done. This team knew how to “get in and get out” and leave a sustainable Agile presence within an organization. They have the experience and expertise to create sustainability.

Business Agility

Using Vaco’s long-standing approach, we wanted to create a boutique experience for our clients. We don’t want to just throw bodies at problems, we want to be problem solvers with critical thinking for each specific organization so they can truly change their organization to be self-sustaining and focus on business outcomes.

What makes us unique is that we leave

The level of experience we bring to an organization is hard-won. We have seen the problems companies face in adopting Agile and have developed the ways in which to overcome them. We have dealt with every challenge a small, mid and enterprise level organization encounters, and we know how to work within them to get the outcomes our clients desire. We can create change that is sustainable.


Our coaches were making significant contributions to companies and cultures throughout the world. Each saw a need and desired a space in which to work where problems could be assessed and addressed by a team with expertise and experience. Each had profound respect for the other. Each of them had one point of contact in common.


We can’t tell the story of Vaco Raleigh’s agile services without addressing the important role Sid played in its evolution. Sid has known Bob, Jim and Mary for more than a decade, and Sid’s primary role is recognizing and finding a home for great talent.

The timeline of Vaco’s Agile practice follows a trajectory that includes many conversations dating back years. First, the conversations were with Bob. Both Sid and Bob saw the need for a place of true Agile expertise for area companies, but Bob was engaged with many different projects and companies.

In mid-2017, Sid and Jim began talking about the potential for an Agile consulting practice, but both wanted to be very intentional and deliberate about its development.

Mary had always been a star in the Agile space, but she had her own firm. Sid spoke with her, and she was interested in learning more. From April through October of 2018, Mary and Jim met every Thursday evening to create the vision, to build it conceptually and make sure they were on the same page about its development.

A Rocket Launch

We know Agile practices make companies nimbler, but this team of individuals, each with their own stellar reputations, is pushing the envelope on growth. Vaco’s Agile offering has been so well received in the Raleigh market and is in such demand that we immediately brought on a fourth coach, Kim. As with every addition we make, we are discriminating in finding Agile practitioners who add to the collective wisdom, experience and expertise of the team, while bringing their own unique talents and gifts.

We are committed to bringing you industry leaders who can infuse the change you desire for your organization.








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