What should your company look for in a permanent placement solutions firm?

In today’s fast-changing world, companies are adapting quickly and finding creative ways to hire and onboard the right talent — while strengthening their company culture in the process. Leaders looking to fill critical positions with the help of a talent and solutions firm will need to know what to look for in a permanent placement staffing agency.  

For some industries, COVID-19 has shifted hiring priorities dramatically. While some are hitting the pause button or simply vetting candidates, others are proceeding full-speed ahead and may find that permanent placement staffing — also known within the industry as contingency search, direct hire, or direct placement — is the fastest way to find great candidates for their most important positions. 

If you need an experienced and dedicated talent recruiter looking out for your company’s best interests, so you can focus on developing effective business strategies, permanent placement can help. 

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The importance of relationships in permanent placement staffing

No matter what, you’ll want to find a talent solutions firm that takes a consultative approach to permanent placement … one that focuses on relationships. Bonus points go to companies that truly listen and take a focused approach to finding the right solution for your unique situation. And let’s face, there’s nothing usual about business as usual these days!

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Meagan Krift, division director for Vaco Financial, about the relational aspects of permanent placement. “It’s a collaborative, relationship-driven partnership based on trust and communication. We want to invest in a company just as they want to invest in a new hire. We look for true client partnerships.”

To build this kind of relationship, a consultative talent solutions firm will work closely with its clients to understand the specific requirements of the role they’re looking to fill and its position within the company. 

A responsive, client-focused recruiter will always treat clients with honesty and respect — even when the truth is tough to hear! Experienced permanent placement specialists will also offer guidance as needed to align the position within the company, industry, and the current market trends. Now, more than ever, this kind of national and global perspective is especially important. 

Communication, collaboration, and teamwork help ensure a more effective and efficient search process. Open dialogue and regular status reports help keep a talent search on the path to success. 

Questions to ask before partnering with a permanent placement talent solutions firm

To find the right permanent placement partner, you’ll need to ask the right questions!

  • What makes your firm stand out from other staffing agencies in the area?
  • Why should we partner with your company for our permanent placement needs?
  • What kind of positions do you fill?
  • How do you assess company culture?
  • How do you evaluate a candidate’s soft skills?
  • Who will be working on our account and can we meet them?
  • How long do you expect the search to take?
  • How long do your searches last, on average?
  • How do you handle communication?
  • Do you offer interview coordination services?
  • Can you provide us with references within our industry?
  • Can we speak to a candidate you placed recently?
  • Can you talk about a search that wasn’t successful and why?
  • How many searches is your firm actively conducting?
  • What do you know about our industry and this type of position?
  • Can I work with other agencies?
  • What’s your internal retention rate?
  • How many clients do you have?
  • How many clients do your recruiters represent?
  • How do you qualify candidates?

One last thing! Don’t forget to ask for references.

References can tell you a ton about a recruiter and the company they work for. Ideally, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to some of the firm’s clients. At the very least, you’ll want to ask your recruiter how they build and maintain relationships with their clients and candidates. It’ll give you a better sense of how deep their recruiting process is and how well they know your industry and your needs.

How can Vaco permanent placement help your business? 

We’re experts in managing change and making sure our partners come out of transitions stronger. Which is something everyone needs right now! No matter what tomorrow brings, our experience is here when you need it. 

Contact Us to find out if Vaco’s Permanent Placement solutions can help your business find top talent in a fast-changing world. 

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