American Aerospace Manufacturer Needing 100 Workers Due to COVID-19

Hiring, onboarding and managing 100 contract employees to take temperatures due to COVID-19


American Aerospace Manufacturer


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Aerospace, Defense

The Problem

American Aerospace Manufacturer Needed 100 Employees in Under 48 Hours

The client engaged Vaco to help stand up a team of more than 100 contract employees that would be stationed at 6 different plants, across 17 entrances and covering 3 different shifts, and they needed this team to be fully operational in just 48 hours. The client needed these professionals to monitor employees’ temperatures as they entered their facilities, and if necessary, direct them to take appropriate measures to help protect others.

The Solution

Reengaged More Than 100 Employees Previously Displaced Due to COVID-19

Vaco used internal resources and our deep community network to attract candidates. Within 48 hours, Vaco stood up the team by sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding more than 110 local candidates, most of whom were displaced from their careers due to COVID-19.

Vaco’s team provided onsite project management and coordination with 24-hour supervision to oversee and manage the more than 110 professionals through the two-month project.

Including Vaco’s onsite contract supervisors there are now 117 people dedicated to the project.

More than 100 employees previously displaced by COVID-19 are now reengaged in the workforce, providing a valuable service for their neighbors by allowing them to continue working in a safe environment.

Download the case study PDF here.


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