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Digital & Agile Transformation

New robust methodologies and platform strategies, the company experience exponential growth.


Privately-Owned National Healthcare IT Company


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The Problem

A healthcare IT company with a technology-first mindset was shifting from an IT-centered organization to a product-centric organization. With competing tech priorities and growing technical debt, the company required transformation.

The Solution

Vaco was engaged as a trusted partner during the company’s digital and Agile transformation. Our team quickly scaled to include developers, QA resources, up to 40+ product owners, UX professionals, growth marketers, design team members, content marketers, Google analytic engineers, Agile coaches, and technical writers. OKRs (objectives and key results) were introduced by our senior product owner and adopted as a critical component of the company’s methodology and platform strategy. Utilizing two-week sprints and frequent test and feedback cycles, the company experienced more consistent iterations. The design system introduced by Vaco’s UX lead resulted in a product and marketing system that tracked analytics and outlined a content and growth strategy that drove engagement.

The Impact

Previously shifting priorities are now aligned at the beginning of each two-week sprint and product teams deploy applications and functionality more quickly due to reusable components. As a result, during a six-month period, the company’s flagship product experienced a 300% increase in enrollment.

As a byproduct of growth, the company is scaling rapidly. Vaco’s team members engaged as product owners have become acting senior leaders within the company and continue to drive the strategy for the company’s new mindset and approach.

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