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The Problem

Finding the Right Talent after a Corporate Relocation

A leading global asset management firm made the
decision to relocate their headquarters and 1,050 jobs
from New York City to Nashville, Tennessee. Without
having established relationships with key stakeholders
and civic members in the city, the firm needed a turnkey
methodology and approach to succeed in their
recruiting needs. Specifically, the firm needed
assistance finding key talent for a niche, hyper-specific
skillset. Vaco was brought in to find qualified talent
that was not readily available in the local market.

The Solution

Finding the Top Talent and the Right Culture Fit

Vaco far exceeded the firm’s expectation in the quality and
number of successful hires made during a short, 4-month
window on recruiting these specialized resources. The
Managing Director of US Retail Sales had hoped to successfully
recruit five hires during the first round of interviews. Instead,
Vaco was able to deliver very high-quality candidates such that
the firm hired 11 candidates from the 24 candidates that they
interviewed over three days.

Similarly, during Vaco’s last round of interviews for this same
firm, we successfully produced 16 high caliber candidates and
the firm hired seven of the 16 over two days of interviews.
Perhaps even more compelling was the fact that Vaco had never
recruited these type of roles. The Vaco team invested the
necessary time to immerse ourselves in the firm’s culture and
implemented a recruiting strategy outside the local market and
successfully recruited top talent to relocate to a new market.
Our best-in-class and proven methodology was able to produce
a 50% hire rate off interviews in a short period of time.

Overall, Vaco filled close to 100 roles for
this asset management firm, leading their
CFO to describe the relationship with Vaco
as the most important in their move from


Learn more about Vaco’s corporate relocation services in Nashville here.

Download the full case study PDF here.


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