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Increasing Productivity by Reducing Churn


Aerospace Company


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The Problem

Workload Causing Inability to Complete Projects

Our client approached us with an inability to finish targeted priorities, despite all projects being “in motion.” The company experienced tremendous churn, interruption, and reprioritization. Team members worked on multiple priorities (often five) simultaneously, impacting project completion.

Late or repeatedly postponed projects led to frustrated customers who voiced inclination to leave our client for a new vendor.

The Solution

Implementing Business Agility Practices to Organize and Prioritize Projects

Vaco’s team organized and prioritized our client’s portfolio, and introduced a tracking system for managing projects. We also developed a customer council to identify agreed macro priorities, and implemented Scrum for all engineering teams with a three week delivery for targeted priorities.

By decreasing “work in progress” at the portfolio level, we reduced churn and interruptions and increased the team’s focus time up to 250%. Customer satisfaction grew due to accelerated project completions and the increased transparency of portfolio work.

Increased transparency and the accelerated completion of portfolio work allowed our client to meet customer needs, increase their net promoter score by 15 points, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.


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