Overhauling Talent Acquisition & Retention

Creating and implementing a full lifecycle talent acquisition program, while addressing immediate talent needs.

  • Client

    SaaS Company Specializing in Supply Chain Management

  • Services

    Direct Hire Placement

  • Areas of Expertise

    Human Resources, Talent Management

  • Industry

    Professional Services, Technology

Our Challenge

Resources Needed to Overhaul Recruiting Program

A large technology company needed to overhaul its recruiting program while hiring 30+ professionals for critical technology positions. The existing recruiting program operated as a vendor manager, averaged more than $500K in placement fees per year, and required significant optimization.

Our Solution

Successful Overhaul and On-Boarding of 30 Full-Time Employees

Vaco’s team designed and developed an internal full life-cycle recruiting program, including the implementation of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and standardized intake and recruiter phone screen processes. We hired, fully trained, and fostered communication between the recruiters and hiring managers.

Furthermore, we enhanced job posting resources, including negotiating with the LinkedIn Recruiter platform, implemented a career site, and optimized the company’s use of Glassdoor. This, paired with the recommended culture shift toward an open and positive environment, led to improved company ratings on Glassdoor. To ensure sustainability, we executed training and awareness to support the program’s ongoing effectiveness.

Vaco overhauled our client’s talent acquisition process, while onboarding 30 full-time employees in four months, with no agency placement fees.

Download the full case study PDF here


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