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Reducing Spend While Boosting Productivity

Enabling leaders to utilize Agile methodology that directly translates to resource and cost efficiencies.


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Financial Services

The Problem

Project Inefficiencies and Unjustified High Technology Spend

Our client’s technology spend of $4 billion was equal to that of their top three competitors combined. Despite this, they were growing at the same pace. Reducing their technology spend was paramount; however, guidance and support were necessary to ensure streamlining would not result in negative implications to business operations. In addition to excessive spend, our client struggled to complete projects with only 10% (of 400) completed per year.

The Solution

Implemented Agile Methodologies to Save Time and Money

Vaco immediately identified, organized, and prioritized our client’s IT portfolio. We trained the executive team, enabling them to implement Agile methodology. Our client can now focus on its top 50 projects, as well as 25 “stretch” projects.

Results include:

  • 250% increase in annual projects completed
  • 150% growth increase compared to competitors
  • 20% ($800 million) reduction in technology spend.

Implementing Agile business practices enabled our client to prioritize initiatives, complete projects, and focus spend where it mattered. These efficiencies translated into employee and end-client satisfaction.

Download the full case study PDF here. 


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