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Scaling Support Globally

To globally scale operational support in North America and India, our client engaged Vaco's Managed Services.


Multinational Content Production and Streaming Company


Area of Expertise: 


Technology, Entertainment, Mass Media

The Problem

Required Managed Services to Support Content Globalization

Our client needed to hire and train a team of 60+ experienced project coordinators to support its globalization content operations across 60 countries.

The Solution

Engaged and Trained Professionals for Optimized Content Globalization

Vaco optimized our client’s content globalization operations through the application of best practices, engagement from proven professionals, and the deployment of accelerators. Our team successfully launched the global program in three waves; 20 headcounts per wave in India and the US (totaling 60 resources). Team members were trained by a learning and development specialist, who also provided project coordination support to our client’s globalization content project managers. By applying Vaco’s “train the trainer” model, the team size increased by 300% within the first month of operations.

In addition, Vaco:

  • Built a centralized managed team of cross-trained project coordinators, supporting 10+ client post-production workflows
  • Provided a consolidated source of truth for the training KB (project knowledge hub), consistently updating it for all global teams
  • Aligned a user-friendly metrics system across all supported verticals
  • Engaged a multilingual team of project coordinators


Due to a highly effective first wave, our team successfully responded to our client’s request to increase the Vaco team headcount from 20 to 60 in Q4 2020. We expanded our team size within four weeks while maintaining exceptional quality. Significantly fewer discrepancies were experienced due to a seamlessly integrated workflow support in India and the US.

Download the full case study PDF here. 


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