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Tableau Implementation for a Global Bank

Advisory, strategic, and tactical support in the selection and implementation of Tableau as an enterprise-level data analytics tool.


Global Bank


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The Problem

Unmet BI Needs from Cognos & Business Objects Tool

Our client, a global bank, produces large volumes of data which continues to increase due to organic and M&A-based growth. A robust self-service data analytics solution was critically needed by its lines of businesses because the global bank had outgrown its existing BI solution through organic growth and acquisitions.

Historically, our client had a technology-owned data analytics solution that was being planned to transition to a business-owned system. The IT department used standard tools like Excel and SQL Server for data analytics and reporting; however, these tools were proved inefficient as they caused confusion and obscurity due to data duplication and replication issues.

Our client switched to Cognos and Business Objects tools for their BI needs, but those tools also failed to meet business requirements because of the large financial and time burden required to effectively implement the solution. The client didn’t need high-touch technology as it needed to be intuitive for the user to create reports, gain insights, and make decisions. A comprehensive tool was needed to support the business with data access, data analysis, IT governance, and business priorities.

The Solution

Advisory, Strategic, and Tactical Support for the Implementation of Tableau

Vaco’s team provided advisory, strategic, and tactical support during the selection and implementation of Tableau as our client’s enterprise-level core self-service data analytics tool. We collaborated with our client’s skilled Tableau business users to support the deployment of Tableau within our client’s
departments and sectors.


The Tableau deployment, led by Vaco, was successful and resulted in many positive changes for our client:

  • Marketing operations can now analyze customer and target data to track customer journeys and references, supporting decisions around website design, promotional materials, and new product launches and campaigns.
  • Financial and branch managers use Tableau apps to analyze customer data to provide a better customer banking experience.
  • Numerous internal stakeholders (traders, risk analysts, compliance team, operations and sales analysts) now enjoy self-service analytical capabilities.
  • Manual reporting time was reduced (from months to weeks); time shifted to analyzing reports (vs generating reports) for timely decision making.
  • Stronger customer relationships have been enabled by integrating customer data with the line of business aspects (e.g., products, marketing, services, common data sets).
  • Customer satisfaction, activities, and behavior are more closely and timely analyzed via call center metrics and website analytics.
  • Retail branches also use Tableau dashboards to gain a better understanding of the market and improve their business.

With the implementation of Tableau, Vaco helped our client successfully created a bridge between IT and business. Comprehensive and ease-of-use applications and dashboards are now available to our client’s business users for risk and data analysis, while maintaining compliance with security and regulations.

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