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  • 4 myths about working with a recruiter—debunked

    An experienced recruiter can be a gamechanger for job seekers who want a more efficient, less stressful job search. So why are so many candidates hesitant to work with a recruiter when it’s time to find a new position? A big reason for the skepticism is the sheer number of myths and misconceptions...

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  • The three “be’s” for writing a powerful cover letter

    When applying for that dream job, countless opportunities exist to shine – and make that dream come true. From nailing a virtual interview to sending the perfect post-interview thank you note, showing you’re prepared every step of the way is essential. And being ready from the moment you hit “...

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  • How to compete for top tech talent in a tight Nashville job market

    With vaccination numbers on the rise and restrictions being lifted across the nation, we finally seem to be emerging from some of the business uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we return to “normal,” business is looking up, and employers everywhere are on the hunt for amazing cand...

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  • Culture add: a vital partner to culture fit in hiring

    Maintaining a “culture fit” approach to hiring can set businesses back in their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Companies must focus on “culture add” and “culture fit” to foster a work environment that reflects true DEI.  Diversity and inclusion strategies have be...

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  • How to Hire the Right Executive Assistant

    It goes without saying that executive assistants are integral to the day-to-day successes of a company. They hold the keys to the castle for the executives, help facilitate smooth business operations daily, and wear multiple hats to ensure leading teams are operating full steam ahead. When it...

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  • How to Create Engaging Virtual Events

    Throughout the last 18 months, life-changing transitions have affected nearly everything: we’ve gone from shaking hands, clinking our glasses, and gathering with groups of people to opening our computers, clicking “join meeting,” and doing our best to stay as engaged as possible in a completel...

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  • Financial leaders prepare for regulatory updates and changes

    At this point, it goes without saying that 2020 was a year of sweeping change. The pandemic impacted virtually every aspect of life, and fundamental shifts in the political and economic environments kept the business world on its toes. For financial leaders, these shifts are likely to bring signific...

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  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): overcoming misconceptions

    Anyone who’s been in the market for a new job over the past few years is probably familiar with Applicant Tracking Systems and their less-than-stellar reputation among candidates.  In many ways, the negative energy is understandable. Applying for jobs can be an emotional rollercoaster, and ma...

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  • How to find, vet and hire interim accounting & finance talent

    From Fortune 500 organizations to small-to-mid-market firms, companies around the globe are facing an increased need to hire accounting and finance talent on an interim basis. There are plenty of scenarios that could create this need, whether it’s a reduction in staff, increased workload in a part...

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