Accounting & Finance

Kelly McGuire

Area of Expertise

Accounting & Finance

About Kelly

Kelly originally joined Vaco in 2005 and after a decade is back in the game doing permanent placement for finance and accounting professionals.  She recruits people for positions ranging from staff accountants up through CFO’s, which include the areas of  general accounting, FP&A, audit, tax, financial analysis, SEC reporting, etc.  Outside of the office, Kelly is busy being a mom to Madelyn, Ellie and Holden.  If there is any spare time left, Kelly is often found volunteering with the Girl Scouts, spending time with friends and neighbors and enjoying a glass of red wine at happy hour!

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

I am a people person!  Working at Vaco is the perfect place for me because I am working side by side with awesome people who make work fun.  I am also building and fostering relationships for my job as a recruiter so I could not ask for a better career fit for my personality!

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