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“I sleep really, really well at night knowing I’ve impacted someone’s life and family for the better.”

As Managing Director of Vaco Nashville’s Direct Hire practice, Kim approaches her Vaconian role with optimism and roll-up-her-sleeves investment in each and every candidate we serve. She’s keenly aware that helping people find the right fit is life-changing, whether it’s helping someone achieve better work/life balance, helping a candidate grow in their profession, or helping someone make a career change. 

It certainly helps that Kim has a blast from the minute she walks in the door until she walks out to her car in the evening. “It’s a stretch to call this a job,” She says. “I get to work for an organization with the best culture possible, help people better themselves, help so many companies grow and scale their business,  impact Nashville’s job growth, and have many charitable opportunities brought to my attention. … the list goes on and on.” 

Kim’s  “Offer less, deliver more” philosophy extends outside of her professional life, too; from ultra-thoughtful dinner parties to simply engaging with neighbors, she genuinely enjoys making people happy – she’s a natural Vaconian.

Perhaps one reason Kim is so dedicated to helping our clients find a great career fit comes from her own career-shift story. After putting a lot of “blood sweat and tears” into earning an accounting degree, CPA license, and investing half a decade in the public accounting field, Kim took a risk and jumped straight into the consulting world. Not surprisingly, the choice immediately felt right. Kim joined the Vaco family in 2007, but she’s been changing lives through recruiting since Forrest Gump hit the theaters – if you care to do the math.  Outside of the Vaco Nation, Kim approaches the life-changing responsibility of parenting a teenager with her signature optimism, humor, and work ethic– you know, those contagious qualities that make great adults. She lives just outside of Music City with her family and two neighborhood-famous pugs.

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