Why Should You Outsource Your IT Managed Services?

“Vaco is a one-stop shop. Because of the flexibility that Vaco provides, serving our managed-service agreement should make the decision to choose Vaco easy. Vaco provides outstanding service and can change direction very easy – without going through many layers of corporate infrastructure in order to change.”

–Jim Pimentel, Sr. Project Manager

Outsourcing is the idea of a value-add result in terms of an external source providing the best quality deliverables with the ideal cost-benefit scenario to a company. It is the process of entrusting a company’s business process to third parties or external agencies, leveraging benefits ranging from low cost labor, improved quality to product and service innovation. Vaco collaborates with organizations, from lowering cost labor or creating multinational teams working in parallel.

Outsourcing discussions often begin with a focus on high impact strategic goals or a total process improvement that goes beyond cost reduction. Often due to a lack of management experience or time to focus, the sourcing process will slowly go off track and become a commodity procurement that fails to hit the original outsourcing goals. We, at Vaco, can help both client and providers hit the target and avoid many common problems.

We work with companies to develop a customized and flexible solution that addresses IT project initiatives and specialized managed service needs. Vaco is a trusted partner with the ability to meet and consistently exceed expectations. With their Rapid Response Process and their Onshore Services and Offshore pricing concept, they are sure to be a great fit for any company in any industry. 

70% of Businesses are influenced by cost when making their outsourcing decisions.  2012 Service Provider Performance and Satisfaction study

Companies embark on outsourcing for a variety of reasons depending on their vision and purpose in doing so. Although those reasons may vary from company to company, the positive results are visible among many of the leading enterprises worldwide. Outsourcing has become a fundamental component of day-to-day business strategies for many companies.

Top Ten Reasons to Outsource Your IT Managed Services Projects

  1. Reduce and control operational and labor costs
  2. Ability to focus on core business processes
  3. Gain access in to world class capabilities
  4. Free up internal resources to use for other purposes
  5. Gain access to resources not available internally
  6. Save costs and provide a buffer capital fund
  7. Frees companies from mundane time consuming processes
  8. Helps companies lessen risk without losing competitive advantage
  9. Enables companies to realize the benefits of re-engineering
  10. Expand and gain access to new markaet areas

Vaco is a talent & solutions firm, providing expert consulting, permanent placement, and strategic staffing for companies around the world, in the areas of accounting, corporate finance, technology, operations, administration and more. At its core, Vaco’s mission is to connect people to their dream jobs and help leading companies find talent to grow their business. 

Tap into Vaco’s vast global network and deep local relationships to find talent with the right skill set and culture fit for your business.


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