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Scalable business consulting services with flexible contracts

In short, we deliver solutions. And a solution isn’t just a methodology or a specific skill set. It’s a tailored people approach to successfully meeting your company’s needs and achieving your goals across all functional areas and initiatives.

With every industry covered, Vaco brings people with the specific competencies, cultural alignment, and expertise you need. Our seasoned consultants can assess and execute projects, augment your project teams, and guide your strategic initiatives.

Through our business consulting services and advisory solutions, Vaco can cover all functional areas (e.g., finance & accounting, HR, IT, supply chain, and audit), and they include:

Business strategy
Change management
Finance & accounting
Private equity
Process improvement
Program & project management
Risk & compliance
Talent management & coaching
Technology & digital
Transaction services

we provide

interim executive search services to help you find financial leadership … fast

At times of transformation, companies need solid financial leadership. Vaco’s team of executive search professionals will connect  you to consultants with the proven CFO experience you need to move your business forward at pivotal moments. Stay competitive, stay sharp with our interim executive search services.

Vaco business consulting services

With extensive experience, our highly skilled professionals work seamlessly with you to improve, manage, and execute your strategic initiatives. Vaco’s business consultants make sense of dynamic challenges and opportunities.

Absent of rigidity, Vaco consultants have proven success leading and implementing projects via client-directed approaches, as well as industry best practices and standards. Most importantly, our consultants are guided by your goals and objectives – and tailor their work accordingly, every step of the way.

Partnering with a global recruitment firm that has a network of 4,300+ consultants gives you access to industry leading services, which include:

Innovative business strategies
Financial & business planning
Improved business management
Transformational business models
Leadership coaching or advisement
Sales & marketing
Operational efficiency
Certification acquisition
System initiatives

MorganFranklin business advisory services

MorganFranklin Consulting, Vaco’s business consulting services firm, provides advisory solutions to complex transformational challenges in business, finance, and technology for businesses and government organizations. MorganFranklin’s consultants provide cutting-edge advisory services.

With proven methodologies, MorganFranklin’s specialty consultants deliver innovative guidance and sustainable solutions for complex, critical, and transformational initiatives.

Listening. It’s largely what MorganFranklin’s consultants do to assess your current state and identify gaps or opportunities for improvement. Then they use MorganFranklin’s proven methodologies and processes to design an approach that is personalized to your needs and objectives – to achieve your strategic goals.

Are you ready to tap into Vaco’s years of experience, expertise and empathy necessary to execute a successful SPAC transaction?

Vaco’s teams consist of

leading industry experts

Our internal teams are made up of industry veterans from national firms, Fortune 500 companies, and top recruiting agencies. They know qualified talent when they see it, so you get the expertise you need, right when you need it.

MorganFranklin Consulting

In July 2019, Vaco acquired MorganFranklin Consulting to be its global consulting platform. The addition of MorganFranklin Consulting to the Vaco family, forms a true end-to-end business solution for clients with service offerings that include executive placement, methodology-driven consulting, critical project resources, comprehensive strategic staffing and permanent placement solutions. For more information on MorganFranklin Consulting please read more.

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