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Transform your business with an executive search firm that grows organizations

How can an executive search solutions help transform your business? By building leadership teams that are just as passionate about what your company does as you are. 

Vaco’s company, Focus Search Partners, is a global executive search firm that partners with industry-leading companies in key markets such as healthcare, technology, consumer/retail, and business services to help them find top executive leadership talent. 

When the search is complex, and discretion and confidentiality are at a premium, our services can help your company attract the very best candidates in your industry. 

we know high-caliber leaders

sending a strong message

When you retain an executive search company, it sends a strong message. It tells candidates that you’re serious about the search and that you value their leadership experience.

Find out how retained search can transform your leadership.

Finding great leaders with Vaco’s executive search services

Retained search isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Vaco’s Focus Search Partners is big enough to have all the resources, research capabilities, and technology you need, but it’s also agile enough to provide your team with the communication and white-glove service you deserve.

During the executive search process, Focus Search Partners will conduct cultural assessments, clearly define search strategies, handle candidate research and outreach, arrange confidential interviews, and assist with negotiations and referencing. You can also expect insightful market data trend reporting, compensation guidelines, retention framework guidance, and interview and assessment coaching.

You’ll appreciate our collaborative approach, dedication to perfection, flexibility, honesty, and our ability to adjust to your evolving needs. 

With a high-touch and collaborative approach that’s grounded in research and market data, Focus Search Partners takes a strategic approach to retained search.

Find ready-to-lead financial executives for fast-moving projects with Vaco’s interim executive solutions

Focus Search Partners

Founded in 2001, Focus Search Partners was acquired by Vaco in 2014 to lead Vaco’s executive search efforts. Focus Search Partners specializes in matching high-caliber board members, officers, executives, and senior-level talent with top organizations in the following industries:

  • Healthcare services and IT
  • Technology
  • Consumer and retail
  • Business services

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