Strategic Staffing

Recruit & Retain

The right talent, right now.

When you need people yesterday, the last thing you need is a steady stream of semi-qualified candidates waiting in the lobby, ready to devour your week. Vaco’s recruitment teams are staffed with senior-level subject matter experts, precision skill set hunters, and seasoned culture-fit gurus, so you can count on a short list of A-players so specific that the only problem you have is deciding which one’s your favorite.

Meet face-to-face with industry veterans who know your language, are familiar with your local market, and actually understand the position you’re hiring for. Our recruiters invest in really learning your company, your culture, and your teams, and they’ll be there the next time you need them.


  • “Vaco is committed to fielding the greatest team of professionals, and we are agnostic as to how they come to Vaco. We’ve been successful through targeted acquisitions, liberating talented malcontents from competitors and developing high potential players new to the industry.”

    Jerry Bostelman
    Co-Founder & CEO, Vaco