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Chief Information Officer

Dena Campbell

Chief Information Officer

Dena Campbell

About Dena

Dena is Vaco's Chief Information Officer, overseeing enterprise strategic technology and program portfolios to support growth, maintain quality and provide exceptional results. With more than 20 years of combined systems and consulting business management experience, Dena has been involved with numerous large-system implementations, and during the past few years within Vaco, she has leveraged her expertise to facilitate successful acquisition integrations into the enterprise ecosystem. She also leads efforts to support Vaco’s growth scalability in systems.

Prior to Vaco, Dena was a founding entrepreneur of product and service technologies, as well as consulting practices focused on healthcare technology and execution of strategic planning. In addition to a collection of technical certifications, Dena has an MBA, a Bachelor of Science in Management and Biology, and an Associates of Science in Medical Assisting.

When she’s not evolving all things data and process, Dena enjoys exploring the world in travels and finding inspiration in newfound adventures.

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