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Vaco’s direct hire recruiting services for accounting and finance teams help companies gain access to pre-vetted, ready-to-go candidates more quickly, for remote, hybrid or on-site positions.

Our dedicated accounting and finance recruiters are industry veterans who know the best and brightest talent. Connecting companies to high-performing professionals helps teams achieve new levels of success. We’re in it together, for the duration.

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Intentional Talent Solutions

Vaco’s direct hire recruiters gain trust through honest and effective communication. By strategically assessing business needs, we’re able to provide long-lasting solutions.

Our decisions are deliberate, and our intention is clear: finding the best professionals for your finance, accounting, and audit departments. Since every business challenge is unique, Vaco strives to find talent that’s well-suited to specific hiring needs. We deliver hand-picked talent and strategic solutions for key roles and projects including budgeting and forecasting, compliance, data management, financial transformation, and more.

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Committed accounting and finance experts

Vaco has nearly 20 years of talent acquisition experience and hundreds of recruiters around the globe. And our network of top accounting and finance talent just keeps growing.

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