Managing Partner

Bret Hamilton

Area of Expertise


About Bret

Prior to joining Vaco, Bret served as Managing Partner at Lucas Group where he led the strategic vision and tactical execution for the regional Technology business unit that provided human capital management services to customers across the southwestern US.

In his current role at Vaco in Denver, Bret is energized to build upon the incredible momentum the team has created by deepening and expanding our footprint in the regional market. His team’s focus is curating an exceptional experience for our customers while delivering best in class services to positively impact their businesses and lives.

Outside of work, Bret enjoys traveling the world to anywhere with a beach and spending time with his wife, Samantha, and newborn son, Declan.

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

The unique privilege of being able to positively impact people’s lives at multiple points throughout their career.

What’s the most important piece of professional/career advice you’ve ever received?

Fail forward. Embrace failures…learn from them…and ultimately allow them to serve as stepping stones for future success.

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