Leticia Cabello


Leticia Cabello



About Leticia

Leticia Cabello has over 20 years of experience in Customer Service, Communications, Marketing, HR Payroll, Sales, and Recruitment. Her recent recruitment work has been for Strayer University as an Admissions Officer and as a Staffing Manager working in the Manufacturing and Logistics Department. Leticia is a team player, is highly motivated and is able to adapt herself to any work environment to get the job accomplished. She is also Bilingual and speaks English and Spanish.

When Leticia is not at work, she finds time to work on her Professional Photography Business and does photo shoots of all kinds. She is also a Dog Mom to two pups Nino a Miniature Schnauzer and Rocco a German Shepard. Also, she is a therapy dog handler with her certified therapy dog, Rocco. Leticia is also a crafter and an avid Disney goer to the theme parks which she enjoys with family and friends.

What do you love best about working at Vaco?

I am given the opportunity to share all of my knowledge and expertise with everyone to be able to succeed together as a team and also, being a part of the amazing culture and diversity that is Vaco.

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