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Consulting and Advisory Solutions for a Changing World

An accounting and finance leader’s influence and value extends far across an organization. No longer just concerned with cost containment and bottom lines, they navigate the murky waters of today’s business environment with prudent courage. No one understands this better than Vaco’s internal team. As former CPA’s and Big 4 veterans who boast a high level of experience in finance and accounting with national accounting firms and Fortune 500 companies, we’ve done the audits, implemented compliance with new regulations and managed mergers, integrations, and other demanding projects. The world of finance is more dynamic than ever, and we know businesses need top professionals with proven methodologies attuned to industry developments, governmental requirements and companies’ own internal cultures.

In our 40 offices across the globe, Vaco has developed relationships with thousands of accounting and finance experts who love what they do and do it exceptionally well. We have the experience, the passion and the people to help you execute on critical projects, navigate seasons of excessive demand and address interim needs, allowing you to focus on your core business and your company’s ultimate success.

Our work extends across industries, for companies both private and public.

Free yourself with Vaco’s professional consulting and advisory services. Explore some of our core capabilities below.

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