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In today’s state and local tax (“SALT”) environment, taxpayers are experiencing unprecedented complexities as they attempt to maneuver through a rapidly changing landscape. Now, more than ever, taxpayers may experience unexpected, uncontrollable costs related to state and local taxes. Vaco and our seasoned team of passionate consultants will assist with simplifying the imposed burdens, help mitigate the associated risks, and identify opportunities for cost savings.


Vaco provides our SALT clients with turnkey solutions. Each solution is customized to strengthen your business by simplifying and clarifying the complex tax requirements for each state.


  • Provide tailored tax audit defense support
  • Review the state’s audit sampling methodology
  • Provide support throughout the entire process, from entrance conference to exit conference, as well as defend your Taxpayer Bill of Rights via protests, independent audit reviews, administrative hearings, etc.
  • Create and implement a post-audit corrective action plan


  • Evaluate multi-state operations to determine state footprint, as needed
  • Assist with state nexus questionnaires
  • Assist with state tax registrations as a result of doing business in new states
  • Provide support with voluntary disclosure agreements or tax amnesty
  • Provide ongoing consulting


  • Perform reverse audits for tax exposure or opportunities
  • Develop and implement resolution roadmap
  • Prepare refund claims
  • Support with complex transactions
  • Compose technical memoranda
  • Optimize the tax compliance process
  • Perform due diligence, and assist with mandatory state notifications as a result of mergers and acquisitions
  • Integrate tax function post-transaction


  • Assess current process and tax operations
  • Recommend optimal tax preparation software
  • Implement software with a focus on optimization and automation

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