Identity & Access Management

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IAM Expertise to help define and deliver enterprise security risk, governance.

  • Does your organization have identity and access management policies and procedures documented?
  • Does your organization have log-on processes used to control access to all systems and applications?
  • Is there a review done on user accounts and user access rights?
  • Has your organization had an assessment of your identity & access management program completed?
  • What controls has your organization implemented to ensure compliance?
  • Are you having trouble finding experts to deliver your IAM tech solutions


Vaco’s IAM services solution is to evaluate the current state of the identity and access management program in place, identify the risk associated with any misalignment of users and their access, act upon risks associated with users’ access and initiate provisioning and governance controls to manage risks. Our overall goal is to assist organizations in achieving business agility while effectively addressing a wide range of identity and access management needs, ensuring the right people have access to the right information.

Client Benefits

  • Reassurance of appropriate access to resources.
  • Secured critical applications & sensitive data.
  • Reduced operational costs and increased productivity.
  • Timely security audits to uncover vulnerabilities.
  • Efficiently comply with regulatory requirements.

Vaco Value

The Vaco IAM team has the right expertise and experience to provide identity and access management solutions for your company. Vaco’s IAM team recognizes the challenges organizations encounter improving security, restructuring operations and handling access risk while maintaining compliance and keeping costs down. Our security specialists work closely with organizations to provide the solutions that best match business and security objectives. To meet those objectives and realize operational improvements, we provide a service that offers a true end-to-end solution.

Directory/Core Services

Identity Store



Remote Access









Third Party


Privileged Identity Management


Elevated Privileges



Consulting Services

Current State Evaluation

Gap Assessment

Roadmap Definition

PCI Assessment

Cloud Integration

Global Managed Services

Program and Project Delivery

Infrastructure Support

Application Support

Security Administration

Staff Augmentation



Business Analysts


Program/Project Management

Security Administration

GRC Operations

Identity Governance Solutions

Develop automated metrics and reporting integrating into SEIM tools. Provide as a service.

Privileged Access Management

Provide resources and guidance on building a program allowing for appropriate elevated access.

Authentication Services

Provide authentication strategy (MFA, RBAC, etc.), password vaulting, and BAU operations

Identity Innovation

Evaluate and recommend new identity solutions such as biometrics, face recognition, FIDO, zero trust, and other solutions. Partners closely with Strategy Services.

Security Administration (IAM)

Helpdesk level support for IAM needs. Clients may have internal or external needs. Develop scenario playbooks and utilize robotics for automation.