How managed services can solve 5 common pain points

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In these changing times, how we respond matters. Over the past two years, we’ve been working closely with our clients to address their biggest pain points. We’ve focused on creating the kind of strategic staffing solutions they need to respond to the current business climate with agility. In the process, we’ve observed a few common challenges, and we’ve been able to identify five sure-fire ways managed services providers (MSPs) can help companies build better teams—faster and more effectively. 

“If you outsource a major project to a third-party company like Vaco, we’ll not only provide the resources and the talent, but we’ll also manage those people day to day and maintain responsibility for the project. The biggest differentiator between managed services and staff augmentation or doing it in-house is this: it’s freedom,” says Jim Jhanda, Vaco managing partner

Free yourself to focus on the future

Pain point #1: It’s tough to plan for the future when you don’t know what tomorrow may bring. 

Solution: Managed service providers (MSPs) offer business leaders the support and talent they need to respond to immediate needs. 

Don’t have the expertise you need to manage security for your remote workforce? Need hundreds of trained employees to conduct thermal scanning … starting tomorrow? 

No problem. 

From responding to the increased demand for cloud security to safely getting your employees back into the office, MSPs have the connections and the talent to get the job done. Whatever it might be, and—crucially—wherever you may need it done.

By outsourcing one-time projects or large-scale initiatives to a global partner like Vaco, your leadership team is free to think about the bigger picture and remain focused on creating a game plan (and contingency game plans) for the future.

There are a number of strategic managed services that could bolster your business while you come up with longer-term plans to drive success. 

Here’s just a few of those services:

  • Accounting Operations & Office Solutions
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Compliance & Internal Audit
  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Technology Consulting Services
  • IT Leadership Services
  • Software Engineering & Development
  • UX/UI Development
  • Content & Content Moderation
  • Consulting Support Services
  • Field & Remote Services
  • Road Map Development & Strategic Infrastructure Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Data Management

To meet the specific needs of our particular (peculiar?) moment in time, Vaco has also developed a set of return-to-work managed services to help your company stage a strong reopening (when the time comes):

  • Thermal Scanning
  • Remote Interim Staffing 
  • Contact Tracing

When you work with a company that takes a consultative, collaborative approach to managed services, you can feel confident that your biggest jobs are in good hands. Stop worrying, and start focusing on the future.  

Agility is the name of the game (or the attribute of the hour)

Pain point #2: We’re efficient, but we’re not agile enough to respond to today’s business challenges.

Solution: Turnkey managed services solutions can quickly fill new and surprising talent gaps 

Managed services offer companies the talent they need to respond with agility to dramatically changing labor and consumer requirements. 

Something that we’re seeing a lot right now is the need for increased cybersecurity and IT support. Which makes sense. As the workforce gets increasingly remote — and customers move online — technology, IT and technical support demands are changing. 

Recent surveys of business leaders help illustrate this point. 

In a survey of IT leaders released in August 2021, 87% of respondents said they were rethinking their technology investments for 2022 and beyond. 

Another survey released in October found that technology executives are anticipating a nearly 4% increase in IT spending over the next year. 

MSPs have the capacity, resources and know-how to help companies meet this unexpected demand for technology and IT capabilities. 

Do more with less

Pain point #3: Our workload is increasing, but there’s a company-wide hiring freeze in effect.

Solution: Get more for your money with efficient, cost-effective outsourced managed services

Even before the novel coronavirus changed the global economic climate, companies were doing more and more with less and less. 

For many companies, managed services provide flexible business solutions. Fully managed solutions offer a work-around to hiring freezes and take the hassle of oversight off your plate while lowering overhead and management costs. 

Here at Vaco, we pride ourselves on coming up with creative solutions, quickly. And, because we do it faster and with less bureaucracy than our closest competitors, and we can achieve it at price points that are typically 25-30% lower. That’s what we call doing more with less.

Scale up (or down) with ease

Pain point #4: We’re worried about hiring additional talent because we’re not sure how long we’ll be able to sustain this level of growth.

Solution: Scalable managed solutions offer strength in flexibility.

It all goes back to the unpredictability of our current moment, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the managed services industry is built on the foundation of scalability.

Even before COVID-19 (and the Delta and Omicron variants), businesses needed the flexibility to scale resources up or down, depending on demand. Scalability is vital to supporting business growth and development. MSPs can supply support and services as needed to handle growth spurts, business contractions, or any challenge the world throws your way.

Because scalable managed solutions can accommodate rapid-fire changes, they help your business stay productive and remain reliable. High-quality MSPs take a consultative approach and can even proactively identify possible enhancements and areas for improvement to help support your key business objectives.

Build better, more knowledgeable teams

Pain point #5: Everything’s changing so quickly that we’re not sure we can stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and developments in technology.

Solution: Gain access to a vast pool of experience and expertise with global managed solutions.

We touched on the importance of diversity and expanding your talent pool in our post, 8 benefits of hiring remote talent. Well, the same message applies to working with an MSP.

It stands to reason that when you work with an MSP, you’re expanding your knowledge base to include your service provider’s experience and talent base. In many instances, MSPs have a robust talent network of trained and vetted candidates who understand the latest trends and best practices within your industry. And they’ll put this knowledge to work for you.

And, because the best MSPs work with enterprise-level companies all over the world, they can help you gain a better understanding of the latest developments within your industry. 

This is especially important in the world of technology, cybersecurity, and accounting and finance, where privacy and compliance are paramount and will only grow in importance as the digital-first business landscape expands.

Managed services that are with you all the way

Vaco provides boutique-level service with global reach in the areas of consulting, consultative project resources, executive search, direct hire, and strategic staffing. Our specialty is delivering the talent you need, when you need it. 

Ready to work with a managed services partner that’s with you all the way?

Contact us today. 

This blog has been updated from its original version. 

Jim Jhanda - Vaco Managing Partner


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