Developing a Translucent and Transient MIS System for a Major Food Chain Company

Creating a System That Can Produce On-The-Go Reports

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    A Major Food Chain Company

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Our Challenge

Making Reports Accessible Across All Mobile Platforms

A Major Food Chain Company that is one of the key players in the food chain sector with a huge customer base which calls for managing an equally large sales team. This in turn means that the client has to record-keep a humongous daily sale data. Their requirement was to maintain sales data for every single store with intent to monitor individual store performance. The biggest challenge was to consolidate data, providing holistic view of the report and insights from the data. The idea was to develop a quick analysis that would systematically find its compatibility on mobile and other hand held devices. Vaco Binary Semantics had to develop a central reporting schema facilitating the management and Team IT to collaborate on critical business decision making. The challenge was to make the reports accessible anytime, anywhere and on the go. The Binary Semantics’ team also had to develop a translucent and transient MIS system.

Our Solution

Formulating a Report's System Compatible on all Platforms, Anywhere, Anytime

Binary Semantics’ Sales Analysis Report caters to a number of particular products sold on a daily basis in a particular outlet. Store Analysis Report facilitates the client to monitor all available inventories in a particular store. Market Basket Analysis provides critical insights about products that are purchased in a group in a single sale at a particular store. Delivery Service Challenge Report helps the client understand whether the delivery employees of a particular outlet are able to meet their delivery deadlines or not and the challenges faced throughout the delivery process. This also determines the stores that execute their deliveries without much hassle. SAS BI has a native mobile app and the task was to ensure all reports sync with this platform. Thus, the Binary Semantics’ team created reports in line with the acceptability and compatibility factor for the given mobile app. These reports can be accessed without any time or place constraints. The Binary Semantics’ team delivered a blueprint to the client in the initial stage and subsequently followed with the final state to complete the implementation process. With basis the data, extensive research and a methodical approach, the team was able to prepare the reports within the professional frameworks and delivered within the set deadlines. With the team’s Scheduled Reports feature, the client can automatically generate all the reports that are needed, as frequently as requisite – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. And the best part is, reports can be scheduled without login.

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