Expert Consulting Solutions to Guide Acquisitions

Vaco provides expertise to help stabilize a billion dollar company during its acquisition.

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    Billion Dollar Insurance Company

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    Financial Services, Accounting & Finance

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Our Challenge

Transition to Acquisition

When our client, a billion dollar insurance company, was acquired by a foreign firm, their investment group needed extra personnel to facilitate a smooth transition. What they did not know was the number or seniority of positions they needed to fill. Vaco deployed a highly trained team of consultants to assess the client’s human capital needs. Vaco’s team of consultants needed to serve as utility players for the investment group, moving around within the team to determine both immediate and long term needs.

Our Solution

Internal Mobilization

At the beginning of Vaco’s engagement, their consultants served as interim leaders, but as a more clear picture of the client’s talent needs materialized, they transitioned to more consultative roles, joining the company permanently or remained on an interim-basis. Additionally, Vaco identified and successfully placed individuals to round out the investment group, ranging from senior and staff accountants to accounts payable and human resources. Due to Vaco’s vast pool of senior-level financial consultants and its strong recruiting arm, our client’s evolving talent needs were met quickly. Vaco also identified areas in which less senior positions could be created, resulting in significant, long-term cost savings for our client.

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