Health IT Governance

Project Management in The Ever-Shifting World of Digital Care

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Our Challenge

No Centralized Hub for IT Communication and Management

For years, health system stakeholders struggled to manage IT projects and technology across the multi-site, multi-entity organization. There was a lack of a centralized hub for health IT project communication and management which led to last-minute coordination with IT department resources, duplicate implementation efforts and staff frustration. Gaps in communication after projects were approved hindered the project intake process, resulting in longer implementation timelines.

Undocumented IT assets resulting from numerous merger and acquisitions exacerbated the challenges. The absence of robust hardware and application inventories led to additional service disruption and wasted resources.

Our Solution

Pivot Point Consulting (A Vaco Company) Implemented New IT Communication and Organization Tactics

Formalized IT project governance and improved communications, from Pivot Point Consulting, a Vaco company, helped integrate clinical, informatics and technology perspectives within the organization, decreasing IT department and end-user frustrations. With forums in place for broad and ongoing communication of various IT project efforts, staff members saw immediate benefits. Weekly collaboration triggered better planning, gave those involved lead time to prepare for pending projects and helped the organization overcome siloed IT operations. Better project management streamlined implementation and built better relationships between administration, IT staff and clinicians. Application inventory and threat assessment helped department heads proactively identify products in need of upgrade, mitigating downtime dangers and support expenses related to application failures. Inventory documentation also helped staff uncover areas of application overlap and resources no longer being used, netting cost savings for the organization. Comprehensive insight into IT assets also benefited the health system’s divestiture efforts and informed IT budgeting for the next year.

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