Chief Marketing Officer

Amanda Henley

Chief Marketing Officer

Amanda Henley

I appreciate being a part of an organization that believes who you are is more important than what you do.

Amanda is a strategic and accomplished marketing executive with strong leadership abilities, a results-driven personality and a penchant for creative and entrepreneurial spirits. Roughly translated, that means a kind-hearted rebel with a fierce competitive streak who’s more than willing to dig in and get her hands dirty if it means helping someone else succeed.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Amanda is responsible for refining and shaping Vaco’s outward-facing brand personality as well as arming Vaco's internal teams with the tools to execute every imaginable version of extreme client service. It’s her job to make sure we walk our talk in the most authentic way possible, inside and out.

Amanda is no stranger to brand-wrangling. She led public relations initiatives at New York’s Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners for clients such as Revlon, Hennessy, Coca-Cola, Meow Mix, Olympus and Target, then moved to Nashville to oversee marketing and PR efforts for Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey at Dye Van Mol. Prior to joining the Vaco executive team, she spent more than a decade as the Vice President of Consumer Marketing for CMT- a Viacom Media Network. So, just to recap: that’s cat food, mascara, soda and two kinds of booze. There’s got to be a country song in there somewhere.

Amanda earned a B.S. degree in News-Editorial Journalism from the University of Tennessee, and later completed a fellowship with Women in Cable Television’s Betsy Magness leadership program. She is an active member of WICT and serves on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee, where she has also been a mentor since 2008. She’s a big fan of sweating profusely, and can often be found braided into a mean eagle pose in a 108-degree hot yoga room.

Amanda is raising two brave and brilliant daughters and a couple of rogue backyard bunnies in Nashville.

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