Vice President, Acquisition & Expansion

Jeff Haithcoat

Vice President, Acquisition & Expansion

Jeff Haithcoat

Area of Expertise

Vice President, Acquisition and Expansion

About Jeff

Jeff Haithcoat has a personal appreciation for Vaco’s “Free Yourself” mission; here in our Nashville headquarters, he’s found an entrepreneur’s playground where anything is possible. Jeff is the kind of professional who defies labels and definitions, forges his own path, breaks a few rules on purpose, and creates something new and better along the way.

Jeff currently oversees acquisition and expansion for Vaco. He originally joined the company to help lead the development of Pivot Point Consulting, a Healthcare IT company under the Vaco umbrella. Prior to joining the Vaco Nation, he spent eleven-plus years in the political fundraising arena and was directly responsible for raising more than $16 million in contributions for campaigns across the country. He led the fundraising effort for a Governor’s race in 2002, consulted with the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) for multiple election cycles, and served as National Finance Director for Mike Huckabee’s Presidential campaign in the 2008 campaign cycle. And as if all of that that weren’t impressive enough, he’s also put his political experience to work as a successful entrepreneur. He helped launch Calvert Street Group (CSG), a grassroots advocacy firm that represented multiple Fortune 500 companies in overcoming controversial land-use issues using well-tested community organizing and political strategy.

While Jeff’s ambition and experience are impressive, one of his biggest accomplishments is actually quitting: prior to starting a family, he and his wife left their high-level jobs to take a 15-month trip around the world. It was a bold move, but not surprising to those who know him. He’s wired for leaps of faith, having successfully reinvented his political career to join us on this wild ride we call Vaco.

Jeff and his wife Rachel live in Nashville with their two spirited sons, and he hopes to someday relive some of his world travel experiences with his boys. He also jokes about being President someday; we wouldn’t be at all surprised to find his name on the ballot.

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